This ode is brought to you in part by my LOVE for IKEA. 

When looking for a store or site to help revamp a space from drab to modern and fabulous, its definitely my first choice.

I probably speak for many when I say that my bedroom is my sanctuary. Last summer I sat on my bed, looked around and hmphed. I needed a change. My bedroom is small, but the furniture I had for years was bulky, dark and made the room look smaller than it really is. I decided to just go for a full remodel of my space…until I realized I had no money set aside for the project. And then there was IKEA…

Besides wanting to create a more zen-ful space, I desperately needed more storage; predominantly closet and shoe space! So my dad and I took to breaking down the wall that made up my closet - closet that seemed like it was made for a baby’s room. Basically, it wasn’t properly supporting my shopping habits. So wall torn down, I was ready to go.

I wrote down what it was that my dream bedroom would have: A giant walk-in closet for all of my clothes, more more storage space, and a beautiful vanity. After taking measurements of the entire room, I drove down the yellow brick road to IKEA. Because I was on a budget and the proportions of my bedroom limited me, I had to buy smart. Smart but stylish of course.

I painted my drop ceiling a deep purple color to give it a splash of pizzaz and kept the surrounding walls a beautiful creme hue. (Lighter wall colors open up even the smallest of rooms.) I chose to keep all of the furniture white for a fresh, modern feel.

This is the final product:


Vanity, IKEA, $149 ; Mirror, Target, $20 ; LED Lights, IKEA, 19.99 ; Painting, by me :)


Wardrobe, IKEA, $200 ; Wardrobe accessories also from IKEA

The shoe rack was built by my handy-man father with painted wooden boards he had laying around in the garage. Keep it crafty!


My mom bought me this beautiful cupcake tray from Marshalls that I use as a catch-all tray/jewelry stand, $15


My sister-in-law bought me these beautiful scented candles. Buddha, Marshalls, $9.


Buddha, Home Goods, $15 ; Magnifying Vanity Mirror, Target, $19.99 ; Candle, Walgreens, $6

All in all, I adore my space now. Its ridiculously hard to part ways with it in the morning, but the thought of getting back to it at night gets me through the day.

Love where you sleep, where you read, where you lounge, where you reflect, where you get dressed - & if not, make it lovely! I love you, IKEA!